Accurate property valuation should be part of the expertise of the real estate agent that you choose for your property purchase. Property valuation refers to the estimate of the actual value of a site or building. This is a necessary skill when you go searching for homes in bonita springs fl. The stated price of a property may not reflect the actual worth of that place. Property valuation is an approximation of the copyright, goodwill, intellectual rights of the property and brand.

There can be numerous reasons why property valuation is considered while making a final decision about property purchase. Here’s why:

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Trade Of Property

It’s important to perform property valuation while buying or selling property. It’s not only helpful when you plan to purchase a place but also comes in handy if you decide to rent it out. Since rent is 6-10% of the actual worth of the property, appropriate property valuation helps set an accurate rent.


If you wish to get a loan against your property it’s important to perform a property valuation. The loan could be sought for various reasons such as for construction or renovation. Property valuation will help the buyer get a loan which matches the true worth of the property.


Property tax is another major issue that buyers need to be concerned with. The amount of tax levied on your property will depend on the property valuation. The owner will also have to pay other taxes such as wealth tax, vacant land tax, municipal tax, and ground rent, which are determined by the value of the property.

Property valuation is often overlooked by buyers who are surveying the real estate market. They’re unsure about what to expect, if the price is justified or not and other issues. Before finalizing a property purchase, it’s important to identify the key elements that’ll be reference points for the buyer. Factors that determine valuation of property include:

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Proximity to social amenities, basic facilities and infrastructure increases the value of a place. Regions that are inaccessible, farther from the main city or inconvenient to live in, fall under a lower-value bracket.


According to the fundamental rule of economics, the higher the demand for property in an area, the higher the price. If a particular location has recently been popularized or aggressively publicized, it’s likely to face a high demand, hence high property value.


This concerns entrepreneurs and businessmen who’re looking for business property. The greater the commercial activity in an area, the more likely it is to offer highly valued property.

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